Customer Service Skills

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Customer service has always been recognized as an essential part of any business or organization. In the modern competitive business world, customer service is not just about keeping some clients happy or solve some minor problems, but it is about fulfilling customers’ expectations and raising business profile. A good customer service makes a huge difference to a company’s image, credibility and more importantly profitability.


By end of the workshop participants are expected to learn

  • The fundamentals of customer service principles.
  • How to interact with different type of customers and different personalities.
  • What customers want and how to satisfy them.
  • How to encourage a customer to give you more information by using correct questioning techniques.
  • How to empathize with the customer and maintain rapport.
  • What does it mean to handle a customer professionally.
  • Learn how to handle, mistrustful customers, angry customers, concerned customers, demanding customers and many more.
  • Learn a series of techniques you can use to handle especial situation.
  • How to handle complaints, feedback and unhappy customers.
  • How to deliver a “Soft No”
  • What to say in different situations and how to say it.
  • Improve your Telephone skills.
  • How to sequence you sentences for maximum effect
  • How to use body language to enhance your communication and read the true intention of customers


  • Customer Service Principle
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Customer Service Scenarios
  • Handling Complaints
  • Telephone Skills
  • Body Language

Entry Qualification



Certificate will be awarded to Trainees with 80% attendance

Certification Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre



Certificate IV




Middle Managers

Senior Management