Advance Diploma in Managerial Skills

Course Details

  • This Managerial Skills Program is designed for people who aspire to become Managers or build capacity of current managers. This managerial skills-building program will teach participants the necessary practical managerial skills which would enhance them to face the day to day management challenge.
  • This program would give credential as a Certified Manager. With re certification every two years by means of continuous professional development, would ensure the knowledge and skills are updated

Programme Structure

  • Program is structured in such away the participants would learn to manage them, manage others and be financial acumen.
  • This program will commence with the Managerial potential assessment, so that participants understand their current managerial capacity
  • Under manage themselves, participants are expected to learn how to set goals, to be creative and innovative, manage their time, develop their presentation & communication skills
  • Under Managing Others, participants are expected to learn Human Resource Management skills, Delegation skills, Leadership and Coaching Skills ,motivational and change management skills
  • Participants are expected to understand basic accounting and financial skills so that they are conversant in preparing budgets, interpreting financial statements and take appropriate management decisions


Entry Qualification

Academic Qualification: Completion of an MQA level 5 Diploma

Since this program involves the participant’s direct supervisor in his/her organization, it is meant only for those who are working and are either

  • Managers / Supervisors who wanted to enhance their skills
  • To be supervisor / Manager


Certificate will be awarded to Trainees with 80% attendance and the students must have scored minimum pass mark in the assessments.

Certificate Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre


Certificate IV




Middle Managers

Senior Management