Certificate I in Personality Development

Course Details

Certificate 1 in Personality Development (Leadership) is an exciting training course for those seeking personal growth and improvement. This training is designed to enable candidates become successful in all spheres of life.
Participants will be provided with real life examples of successful people and great leaders. They will learn knowledge, skill, and attitude that can be applied in their lives. The course is all about making leaders and the course will be called Leadership Challenge.



The program aims to achieve the following goals
1. Explore and discover potential of one’s self
2. Understand the success formula for personal success
3. Learn to manage time effectively
4. Learn to think positively and become positive
5. Learn to have a positive attitude
6. Learn to communicate effectively
7. Learn the most important interpersonal skills
8. Learn ways to stay smart
9. Learn ways to stay happy


Entry Qualification

Basic Education


Certification Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre


Certificate IV



Middle Managers

Senior Management