Training is an essential element of development in any organization. Some individuals become trainers because they are passionate about sharing their knowledge and about helping people. Others become trainers because their employer asks them to get involved in mentoring, training, or coaching new or existing employees. Trainers also get started when they want to make some changes to their daily activities, but wish to continue contributing to a particular organization or industry. This workshop is designed for a trainer or anyone who wants to become a trainer and develop training programs that are meaningful, practical, and will benefit both trainees and the organizations


To develop or enhance effective training skills in individuals


Module I: Training session planning and Designing

Key topics covered are:

How do adults learn?

  • Principles of Adult Learning
  • Motivating the adult learner

 Training Program Design and Planning

  • Designing the training program
  • Writing learning objectives
  • Planning a Workshop
  • Preparing a Lesson plan
  • Designing and conducting on-the-job-training
  • Purpose of an ice breaker / energizer
  • Resource planning

Module II: Facilitation / Delivery Skills

The objective of this part is to prepare a professional trainer who has effective presentation and facilitation skills. Participants will practice delivery through several rounds of short presentations and training sessions. Participants will learn how to use advanced training aides and tools including case studies, role-plays, surveys, self-assessments, and Audio/Visual tools.

 Key topics covered are:

What makes a Good Trainer?

  • Introductory presentation: Assessing your delivery skills
  • Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
  • Elements of a successful training program
  • Common Errors in Training delivery

Tuning Your Facilitation Skills

  • Use of Learning styles
  • The Art of Facilitation
  • Developing your training style
  • Tuning your presentation skills
  • Planning and preparing your training session
  • Focusing your energy on the training session
  • Overcoming Nervousness

Creating a relaxing and interactive training environment

  • Your Role as an Effective Communicator
  • Using non-verbal communication and effective body language
  • Setting the climate – Icebreakers
  • Managing the Question and Answer Period
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Handling Difficult Situations when delivering training

Using Training Aides Effectively

  • Using Visual Aids effectively
  • Selecting suitable audio visual tools
  • Practicing the use of case studies in training:
  • Practicing the use of role plays in training
  • Using in-class hands-on exercises, self-assessments and surveys

Practice Sessions

  • Second Presentation: Practicing Delivery

Module III: Assessing and evaluating training

Here participants will be exposed to methods of assessing as to see if they had learned

  • Assessment of learning objectives
  • Evaluation of training

Module IV:

  • Final Assessment Presentation based on the learning
  • 30 minute MCQ paper to assess the theory and 10 minute practical presentation

Awarding the International certification by City & Guilds – UK

Entry Qualification


Introductory Award in Training Skills

Certification Awarding Body :

City & Guilds, UK

Train the Traner 3

Basic LINUX training

Course/ workshop description

Learn to use the most widely used open-software operating system in the world

Modules/ workshop content

Introduction to linux

Linux directory structure

Managing files

Environment variables

Network configuration

Remote servers/applications

Introduction to shell scripts

Introduction to operators


56 hours (7 days)


MVR 7250


22nd October 2017

Diploma in Project Management

Course Description

This programme is designed for people who aspire to become Project managers. This skills-building programme will teach how to effectively manage all phases of projects.


This program aims to provide trainees with an opportunity to:
1. Improve their business writing skills, so that clear communication can happen throughout the project
2. Use/develop technology skills for efficient and effective delivery of tasks.
3. Gain knowledge of project management fundamentals
4. Use Ms Project in planning, executing and controlling project tasks and required resources.
5. Improve their presentations skills.

Entry Criteria

Higher Secondary Education OR MNQF Level 4 qualification


1 year

Course Fee

MVR 30,000.00

Certificate Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre

Certificate III in Draftsman with AutoCAD

Course Description

The aim of this course is to help the student work efficiently and effectively using Auto CAD. Hence the course is aimed at making students learn and use the following:
1. Basic numeric skills
2. Basic Auto CAD Drawing skills
3. Understanding the Basic drawings
4. Effectively & efficiently Complete the basic Drawing using the software
5. Advance Auto CAD-3D Drawing skills
6. Understanding the Advance drawings Techniques.
7. Effectively & efficiently Complete the Advance Drawing & 3D modeling Using the Auto CAD


At the end of the course each student will:
1. Understanding & practicing basic drawing
2. Understanding basic Drafting techniques.
3. Understanding & practicing use of the Auto CAD
4. Understanding & practicing Basic Mechanical Drawing
5. Understanding & practicing Basic Architectural Drawing
6. Understanding & practicing use of dimension & text
7. Understanding & practicing plotting & scaling of the drawing
8. Understanding & practicing Advance drawing Techniques
9. Understanding & practicing use of the Auto CAD 3D
10. Understanding & practicing Basic Mechanical 3D Drawing
11. Understanding & practicing Basic Architectural 3D Drawing
12. Understanding & practicing use of Advance 3D Intelligence objects
13. Understanding & practicing Basic Animation

Entry Criteria

Completion of Grade 7


4-5 months

Course Fee

MVR 8000

Certificate Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre

Advance MS Excel for Business


Course Details

Advanced Microsoft Excel for Business is a 24-hour course that teaches participants how to use the Microsoft Excel at advanced level. This course aims to enhance participants to gain the necessary practical experience by using hands-on exercises simulating real life business analysis scenarios.

Course Content

  • Using Advance functions
  • Working with data series
  • Using scenario and goal seeking
  • Using worksheet protection
  • Using conditional and custom formats
  • Consolidating worksheets
  • Creating, Revising pivot tables
  • Sharing Workbooks
  • Using Data Tables
  • Using auditing tools
  • Using Macros
  • Recording Macros


Entry Qualification

Basic Knowledge of Excel spreadsheet management, Calculations.


Certificate will be awarded to Trainees with 80% attendance

Certification Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre