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Certificate III in Customer Service


Course Details

This course introduces participants to the core principles of customer services. By employing these values and adopting the correct attitude, the participants will be able to handle the vast majority of customer interactions with ease.


This program aims to provide participants with no experience in the customer service area to equip the following skills

  1. Educate the participants on the fundamentals of customer service principles.
  2. Recognize that service delivery is an individual response value
  3. Use appropriate techniques to empathise with the customer and maintain rapport.
  4. Fluently communicate in English and Dhivehi
  5. Understand the importance of professional presence on the job.
  6. Improve communications skills, including listening, questioning, and being more assertive.
  7. Increase their effectiveness in recognizing and managing conflict, and dealing with difficult people.
  8. Understand the role of technology in providing customer service and use technology for communicating with customers and maintaining records.


> Numeracy Skills
> English Language
> Dhivehi Language
> Communication Skills
> Technology for Customer Service
> Business Etiquette
> Customer Service
> Internship ( Practical Module)

Entry Qualification

Completion Of Grade 7


MQA approved level III Certificate

Certification Awarding Body

Focus Education Centre

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